Adirondack Swimming Clubs and Club Contacts

These are the ONLY Clubs Currently Registered with the Adirondack LSC Registrar.
Do not use ANY OTHER CODES for Team Manager or Meet Manager than those listed.
If your Club Information is NOT Correct or you are a NEW Club not yet listed, contact the AD Webmaster.

Club Name
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Club Code

Contact Information

Adirondack Swimming, Inc.



This is our LSC
(local swimming committee)
to which all the following clubs belong

Albany Starfish


Greg Antolic
Club Admin - Dan Tanski
Co-Head Coach - Dan Tanski
Co-Head Coach - Josh Wolin

Bennington Marauders



Nicole Goswami
(802) 999-5309
Club Admin - Nicole Goswami
Head Coach - Nicole Goswami

Adirondack Bluefins



Melissa Fraley
(518) 265-2600
Club Admin - Melissa Fraley
Head Coach - Jeff Maxwell

Canajoharie Crocodiles



Jeff Watson
(518) 860-2738
Club Admin - Kevin Stuttle
 Head Coach - Kevin Stuttle

Clinton Cudas



Andre Paradis
Club Admin - Andre Paradis
Head Coach - Andre Paradis

Clark Sports Center



 Lindsey Bailey
Club Admin - Lindsey Bailey
Head Coach - Lindsey Bailey

Clifton Park Piranhas


Chuck Dunham
Club Admin - Michele LeBlanc
Head Coach - Chuck Dunham

Delmar Dolfins Swim Club, Inc


Adam Hershberg
(518) 522-6360
Club Admin - Allison Hynes
Head Coach - Colin Izzard

Glens Falls YMCA   GLFY Dennie Wilson
(518) 955-7977
Club Admin - Dennie WIlson
Head Coach - Dennie Wilson

Greater Glens Falls Flyers



Paul Crandell
(518) 798-4636
Club Admin - Paul Crandell
Head Coach - Paul Crandell

 Hawks Swimming Association


Michele Speranza Napoli
(914) 475-6871
Club Admin - Allison Lucchesi
Head Coach - Erin Quinn

Jammin' Jellyfish Swim Club   JJSC

Nick Deck
(315) 532-2383
Registrar - Nick Deck

Head Coach - Nick Deck

Kingston Swim Club



Naisha Scott
(845) 338-3810 x114
Club Admin - Naisha Scott
Head Coach - Joseph Leirey

Knolls Swim Team



Bruce Sutphin
(518) 321-5824
Registrar - Bruce Sutphin
Head Coach - Mary Beth Zahnleuter

New Hartford Aquatics



Tom Wells
(315) 733-1698
Club Admin - Scott Wanner
Head Coach - Scott Wanner

Northern TRIBS Swimming


Joshua Jock
(518) 524-1295
Club Admin - Jessica Smith
Head Coach - Joshua Jock

Saratoga YMCA Stingrays



Pat Bonga
(518) 583-9622 x125
Club Admin - Carl Hatt
Head Coach - Carl Hatt

Schenectady-Saratoga Swim Club



Ron Hart
(518) 695-4313
Club Admin - Sara Gregory
Head Coach - Jerry Adams

Tigers Aquatic Club   TAC

Chris Sammons
(845) 389-9644
Club Admin - Chris Sammons
Head Coach - Chris Sammons

Turbine Swim Club



Brittany Davis
(315) 486-1789
Club Admin - Brittney Davis
Head Coach - Haley Hill

Uncle Sam Swim Team



Robert MacLeod
(518) 286-3678
Club Admin - Robert MacLeod
Head Coach - Robert MacLeod

Lake Champlain Waves



Stacey Fuller
(518) 524-7388
Head Coach - Jay Ruff
Club Admin - Kristi Hathaway

(Athletes NOT Affiliated with Any Club)



Any Swimmer who has not joined a club
and is USA Swimming Registered or
Any Swimmer who has not fulfilled their USA Swimming required 60 day waiting period after changing clubs is Unattached.
The UN code is the ONLY CODE
Recognized by USA Swimming
for Unattached Athletes.