Adirondack Swimming Athlete Page

Currently Registered Premium Athletes
Currently Registered Flex Athletes
Currently Registered Season 1 Athletes
(season 1 is valid April 1st through August 28th)

Note: Premium Registered Athletes may swim an unlimited number of Sanctioned meets at any level
Flex Athletes may swim no more than 2 Sanctioned meets, below the LSC Championship level (invitationals)
Season 1 Athletes may swim in any meet up to LSC level, may NOT enter Zones, Speedos, Juniors, etc.

USA Swimming Scholastic All American Application
2020 SAA Time Standards

Adirondack Swimming Senior Scholarship Application
Due March 1st to General Chair

Eastern Zone Top Times

SafeSport Training now Available for Athletes 
SafeSport Education Flyers
Athletes, please encourage your clubs to use these flyers in club literature and meet programs

Explanation of USA Swimmings 120 Day Rule and Unattached Athletes

Unattached Athletes, Click Here!

Request for Observed Meet Times to be Loaded to SWIMS (Replaces Form C)

Link to Section 2 Swimming Results Site

Attention Athletes!
All Swimmers, participating in a Sanctioned Meet MUST be under the Direct Supervision of a Currently Registered and Certified USA Swimming Coach.
If you are planning to attend a meet, where your coach will not accompany you, or you are Unattached and have no coach,
it is your responsibility to make the proper arrangements, IN ADVANCE, for an attending coach to assume responsibility for you...NO EXCEPTIONS!
Meet Directors can offer assistance in locating attending coaches.

Your Best Times Recorded to Date
USA Swimming Times Page -
Find Top 10 Times Here

Athletes, if you are joining an AD Club and have been registered to another club in the past or
are are currently registered to another club, you MUST complete an AD/USA-S Transfer Form
Your registration to the new club will Not Take Place until the Transfer Has Been Processed

Athletes, if you swim in Any Out-of-District Meets which are USA Swimming Sanctioned, Approved or Observed
Notify the Sanction/Times Chair with the following Information ... Host LSC, Meet Date(s) and Meet Name
Results will be obtained directly from SWIMS, when available and included in the AD Best Times Report ... Do Not send results files.

Athletes, if you swim in any Speedo Sectional Meet, Juniors or Faster,
You are entitled to a partial reimbursement of your expenses from Adirondack

Click HERE to obtain the form required

This form MUST be Received within 30 days of the meet attended