USA Swimming/Adirondack Swimming Registration

2023 Season Begins September 1, 2022

Complete Registration Offerings and Fee Summary for 2023

If you have NOT Yet Created your SWIMS Login OR if you have errors in your Login, Click HERE First

ALL Parents, Athletes and Non Athletes Click HERE For SWIMS 3.0 Setup Info
Everyone will be using the New OMR System to Register for 2023
Members will no longer be submitting USA Swimming registrations to their club registrars

Your Club Admin/Registrar will be providing a Unique Link for you to use to register to your club
Every Club will have a Unique link for that club ONLY ... do not share the link
Club fees/dues will still be collected by your clubs as in the past

ALL Unattached (not belonging to a USA swimming club) Members, Athlete and Non-Athlete
Click HERE for Information

Example of SWIMS 3.0 Dashboard - what you see when you log in

Explanation of USA Swimmings 120 Day Rule and Unattached Swimmers
Athlete Outreach Information

Transfers Will be Done the Same as in the Past
USA Swimming will not collect Transfer Fees ... You must fill out a Transfer Form and Mail it with a $5.00 check to the AD LSC Registrar

AD/USA Swimming Transfer Form

Non-Athlete Membership Requirements
USA Swimming Coach Requirements and Education/Certification Courses Accepted
Background Screen and Athlete Protection Training

All Clubs Must Register Online Using the OMR System
USA Swimming will be collecting the USA-S Portion of the Total Fee ONLY
Each Club will be responsible to mail the LSC Portion to the LSC Registrar

Year Round Club Registration Fee is $200
A 50% Discount Applies to all Year Round Club Registrations Completed in OMR by December 1st
Seasonal Club Registration Fee is $60
(AD Uses Season 1 Only ... April 1st-August 28th)
Pre Employment Screening Summary
Pre Employment Screening FAQ's